Men I would like to eat tuna carpaccio with (Part 1 )

Yvan Attal


Pattern Patisserie said...

Oh YES, I can see why you, Miss Pickering, would want to eat tuna carpaccio with this man...who in their right mind wouldn't? I just stumbled upon your blog whilst wambling around in the ether, I do like your interesting combination of subjects, the hound is beautiful, I too love rose and violet creams and I just baked a Bakewell tart from a recipe in a book by Alison Utley, who I see is on your book list. Lotsa co-inkeedinks wouldn't ya say? Happy blogging, you have a great 'voice'

Miss Pickering said...

Hello Patricia, Thank you for your comments, Yvan is rather a dish isn't he? How did the bakewell tart turn out? I like the banner you went with.
Miss Pickering