A wedding of sumptuousness

Silver bowls bursting with roses, delphiniums, love -in-a-mist, snapdragons, freesia and herbs, sat beneath candelabra. For an extra touch of romanticness fresh rose petals were scattered along the length of the oval table. A table layout never before seen in the history of the Lambert room. Mandi and Alan were keen to deck the church just as beautifully, and we did. Floral arches, windowsills, pedestals, vases and rather lovely pew ends, sadly not one of the photographs I took is any good. I can't decide which is the most irritating; completely forgetting to take the camera (an all too regular occurrence) or taking it and getting terrible photos.
The Hound has spent all day sulking as we didn't get to the farmers market today, he will doubtless be posting a photo of himself on Lurcher Link under the section home needed.
The soundtrack of the day has been provided by Mr John Mayer and the track "Say"

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Unknown said...

"GGGUAAAAUUUUU" This work is fantastic! I would like to have the opportunity to make this kind of weddings!!
Thank you very much for your words the other day!

I'm glad that you have been inspired! We used to make ourselves the photos,only few of them are done with a pro camera.

The flowers we buy are half from Holland and half from Spain, but not from Galicia, are from the market of "Vilassar" (the most important growers from Spain), is very near from Barcelona and we buy the flowers there. (we live too near).

Is very elegant and interesting what you make. I like very much keeeping reading you every day.