Have a break, have a.....

Well actually it is probably one of my least favourite confectionery items, but Caramac or Double Decker don't have a suitable slogan. I like them even less now the packaging is that new foil wrap that is actually plastic, heaven forbid you should put that in the grey recycling bin. A gentleman told me recently that this new wrapping is marvellous as it extends the shelf life of a KitKat by years, but then his bar of choice is a Boost bar (?!)
The point of all this is to let you know that we will be closed for a few days next week, reopening on Friday 31st October. Sans interruptions to contract flowers, should any solicitors, restaurants, hotels etc. be reading this - panic ye not.
We are off to be inspired by coastlines and spa towns, and the odd bright light.
To summarise
Closing on Saturday 25th of October at 5pm, and reopening on Friday 31st October at 9am.
Should you require flowers during this time - patience is a virtue, you can have them on Friday.

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