Life is full of surprises.......

Making an arrangement without herbs, berries, chillis or anything remotely edible - this could be a first.
Discovering that before he took up residence here The Hound was rescued from the side of a road, and given a temporary home, and for that we thank you. Please note no actual pheasant was harmed in the making of this photograph, this is The Hound's favourite toy Percy, he is also partial to Samuel the Squirrel and a rabbit that goes by the name of Rodriguez.

Being asked to give a talk to my old school, apparently last year the Old Girl's who talked were deemed to be a bit high flying, and this year they are looking for someone who "just runs a shop in town" - gosh how can a girl turn down such a prestigious offer?


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Miss Pickering,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

KELLY said...

the old girl has done good!

i for one would love to listen to your lecture miss p...i wonder did we ever have these in our day? if i was a schoolgirl once more i would be so inspired to hear how you got to run your own shop and be a super-dooper business lady!

will you take mr hound along for added ahhhh-factor? (how could anyone possibly leave such a beautiful creature by the side of a road?) friday hugs to you both xx

Miss Pickering said...

I don't recall any career talks, I remember mock interviews. I was told by a chap from the RAF that my hair was too unruly - another career choice thwarted. Do you recall that big red box in the careers library that was full of cards with interesting career choices on? I had a new choice every week wigmaker, burlesque dancer, cheesemaker but I don't recall any teachers being very supportive!

Miss Pickering said...

Welcome Geraldo, I can't even begin to imagine how a man from Brazil would stumble across this blog!

KELLY said...

hee hee...the careers library! what a good way to spend a warm lunchbreak. i do remember the red box. i also remember taking some test on a retro-computer that told me on a print out that i should be a librarian or travel agent! i liked looking through the uni prospectuses (prospectusi?) and dreaming of living in a cool city. anyway absolutely no career guidance given...i made my own mistakes and i'm sticking to them! good luck at the talk...i wonder if abi is doing one too as i remember her volunteering at the reunion. i'm going for dinner at her bistro on saturday night with lynsey bigger. have you been to abi's cafe? we should do a dinner there next year maybe? x
p.s. the raf hair comment is a classic...did they not forsee the future of ghds??

Unknown said...

After having read the discussion on the red 'careers' box and in particular the retro computer advice I had to leave a comment! How funny - I really remember both of those - I think I might have actually been told that I should be an accountant or the such like!

Loving both blogs Miss P and Mrs McC - you are both sooo creative and write brilliantly. Love your hound and like Kelly I can't imagine at all how anyone could leave him by the road - v glad to see what a lovely life he has now!
K - looking forward to our bistro evening tomorrow - will give you a call.

summer said...

your dog is adorable- great pictures