Lost in translation

Can you tell I still can't find that wretched cable? The picture, courtesy of google images, is to illustrate our brush with Japan today. It is also one of my favourite films. This afternoon a lady came all the way from Tokyo to see the shop. (Actually she came to see her daughter in London first, but I like to think our little shop has reached stellar status in the land of Ikebana, karaoke, sushi and over the knee socks)
The very nice lady found us in The Book, which incidentally would make a marvellous Christmas gift. I got to use my new book signing pen which takes forever to dry. 5 minutes drying time a little dabbing, blowing and wafting saved my dedication from looking like one of those butterfly pictures they use to see if you are psychotic.


Adam Hill said...

Miss pickering, Miss Pickering Miss Pickering... the said cable is almost certainly in your handbag !!

Of course i make this assumption on the grounds that most women i know keep almost every aspect of their daily lives (Gin Included) in a handbag, sometimes the size of a small suitcase but more often the size of a crisp packet ! Walkers of course.

I am sure that your japanese visitor was suitably impressed, and will treasure her copy (signed) of "The Book". I also gave my very best autograph today , unfortunately it was only on a cheque to one of our wholesalers. keep up the good work and keep sipping the Gin !!

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Mr Hill, how right you were, it was residing in a now defunct handbag. I favour the suitcase variety of handbag, but when stepping out of an evening have a very nice selection of crisp packet sized vintage clutch bags.I prefer the analogy of Tyrells crisps - they are posher.

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss Pickering,
I must agree with the analogy to Tyrells Crisps, My sincere apologies , I do of course realise that your clearly not a "Walker"s kind of Girl. !!