This much I know (part deux)

The shop is so cold I can barely type, and I have lost the cable that connects the camera - again.
I am wearing my new slinky, some may say slightly sexy thermal vest.
By Sunday night Mr Hamilton will be World Champion.
The Hound has eaten his weeks supply of pig's ears in one morning.
By 8.50 a.m. we had taken 3 peoples Christmas orders, wreaths, table centres, pedestals, my customers are much more organised than I am - again.
The first of our new stock arrived today, beautiful things, when I find the blasted cable I will show you.
My birthday is now just 6 weeks away, I wou ld like a horse.
Saluki's i.e. The Hound will always do as they please, and you can't do anything about it - this from a man who trained them for the Royal family in Abu Dhabi.
I have developed a thing for alice bands.
M&S have stocked up on their ready made mulled wine, it is far too sweet, but somehow I can't walk past it without popping a bottle in my basket, it was my downfall last year.
This week has been brought to you by Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung, Cheese and cucumber sandwiches, and white hyacinth.

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