The joys of being a florist number 56 and a half

Last night I popped to the pub for a cup of Earl Grey tea (beaucoup des Americans read this blog, and they love all that Englishness, but between you and I it was a gin)
When I left the shop I looked like this

2 minutes after stepping into the establishment I looked like this.

It is a phenomena known as florist face, it comes with working in the extreme cold, and then going into a warm room, it lasts for a good 2 hours and no fancy green anti-red foundation will have any effect, trust me I have tried them all, Still want to be a florist?

I was going to show you all how to make a wreath, but I seem to have suddenly gone a little weak at the knees.


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss Pickering,
I think the wreath demonstration will have to wait.

Clearly you need a couple of extra Gins , oops Sorry Earl Grey's. and perhaps a lie down.

I find that a lie down in a dark corner is usually most agreeable in these circumstances. I say dark corner, but usually slumped against a couple of bags of moss in the corner of the cool room is where you will find me. !! Its most effective for Florist face too.

Currently on my 5th attempt of Butterscotch Pecan cake. Its not going well. May have to enlist the help of F&M.
Yours Mr H.

Miss Pickering said...

My Dear Mr H,

What a clever use of sphagnum, tonight I have used a stub wire to put my hair up in a fancy chignon.

I fear all this cake baking is distracting you from the serious day to day business of wreath and garland making.
Perhaps we should rendez-vous at the top of the Blackpool tower after the New Year?, you can bring the perfected cake, and be the Cary Grant to my Deborah Kerr.

Yours in anticipation
Miss P

Joan -BORNAY- said...

jajja the phenomena known as florist face good post! it also happens before 2 gins jaja
congratulations for your new design of your blog,it looks nice!
thank you for put our webside bornay. we keep on reading you everyday (and sorry for my english is no the best.. :)

KELLY said...

at least your new headband will co-ordinate! are your roots ready for it? email me your address and i'll pop it in the post for le weekend : )

Adam Hill said...

The top of Blackpool Tower !

I cant wait, but I will have to take some mind altering substance to convince me we are still on solid ground

I,ll see what they have in Boots ! if not I'm sure there will be something in the drinks cabinet !

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

This made me laugh out loud, I am a florist, well not practicing! But how I remember this effect, it haunted me for years. Thank you for making me smile....