Fill your stockings

Make a feature on the mantelpiece with coloured candles a la Easy Living magazine. £1.50 each

Purchase Rosie Flo and Johnny Joe colouring books for your little darlings £5.99 each and don't require any batteries, SIM cards, remote controls or plug points which is a bonus.

Wrap them all up in our delightful paper £2 per sheet

Make fancy bows from our wired ribbon £2 per metre

Smugness gained form having Christmas sorted early: Priceless

Wreath making tomorrow, I forgot to photograph the steps today. If you read lots of blogs you might be a bit wreathed out as everyone seems to be banging on about them, so pop back on Saturday for pics of flowers from the wedding of the bride who has become rather affectionately
known as "The joint of beef per table bride"


Adam Hill said...

Hmm, Fill your stockings , indeed !

Your "joint of beef per table bride"
would she be the one who is going to wear a parrot in her hair as well ? with a bouquet from sex in the city !!

That's one wedding i'd like to see.

Miss Pickering said...

I am planning to wear tha parrot myself. By the end of next week I will have finished fashioning one from an old robin christmas deocration, a feather boa and some floral spray. I think I am just about eccentric enough to carry off a bit of taxidermy.

Adam Hill said...

Oh Miss P
So many strings to your bow ... and now taxidermy !!
what can I say. If ever you tire of stuffing flowers into Oasis foam !!! ??? !!!

I wait spellbound with anticipation to see the result
Yours Mr H.