My dears, never mind Le Beaujolais Nouveau

Christmas est Arrivé.!
The Holly, The Ivy, The Blue spruce and the cinnamon sticks are here. Sample wreaths are being made up, the usual thing plastic Christmas roses and a bit of polyprop ribbon.

Of course most of our customers prefer a mixed foliage and fresh rose affair, made by hand the traditional way on a moss base, because these aren't just wreaths, these are Miss Pickering wreaths, (imagine it said in a husky voice) The Hound detecting the scent of dried oranges has taken to his bed.
The wreaths are available by mail order to anywhere in the UK, sorry we can't send them overseas. Prices are from £45- £150 plus delivery. Contact us by pony express with your door dimensions.

An assortment of Christmas things, we are going for a vintage pale blue and red theme today.

To the gentleman who sent me these today..... nice try, The Hound and I are rather partial to a fancy of fondant, but Butterscotch Pecan cake it ain't.

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