Two Old Girls

Today has been a day of old school chums, fellow members of the esteemed Stamford High School Old Girls Guild. Firstly the wedding of Pippa at the wonderful Burghley House. Hurricane lamps will light the way to the Great Hall, where roses sit on cake stands and everyone will feast on roast beef.

Meanwhile back at the shop, my beautiful bespoke headband arrived from Kelly.

Beautifully packaged, and the most exquisite thing, I am blown away by it. I have sported it all day, and now have an order for an Emerald one for you from a customer! Have a peep at her Etsy shop. The Hound can feel a black and grey one coming on for the party season, he is a little that way inclined.
The Small Child has been helping out with hyacinth potting and bow making, she has got quite carried away. If anyone spots a girl with a thousand ribbons in her hair could you point her in the direction of the shop.

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KELLY said...

pippa's flowers are divine! how lovely that you did them for her (but which pip is this?? i remember 2 from shs days) a wedding at burghley house must have been wonderful. winter weddings are always a bit magic i think. i'll do that for my next one ; )

so pleased you liked your headband...i bet you look lovely in it. and an emerald one is already on the go!

old girl hugs xxx