A weekend in pictures

Wedding flowers
Christmas has been brought to you by the colours red, white and glitter

Vintage cats in hats
The Hound wishing he too had a natty chapeau

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Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss Pickering
I thought for one shocking moment you had ruined a pair of your Jimmy Choo's !!

It had also, not escaped my notice that a confectionary novice had tried to win favor by sending you french fancies, I trust he was suitably rebuffed !!

Sadly I still cant find a Butterscotch Pecan cake of a suitbly high quality, worryingly I may have to resort to making one of my own, calorie counters beware!!

Love the window on Christmas, keep up the good work.

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Mr Hill,

I rebuffed said bearer of fondant fancies with a light spanking of unconditioned Grand Prix roses.

Yours in a pair of snakeskin kitten heels
Miss P