Flu remedies - helpful tips from my customers

The fact that I am under the weather has not gone unnoticed by my customers, some have leapt to my aid and starting making wreaths - thank you Allison. Others have merely pointed out how terrible I look - thank you Mr B.

I thought that it might be helpful to share with you some of those tips.
Lemon and honey - the vintage remedy, favoured by ladies with the scent of home baked mince pies.
Stick your head in a bunch of eucalyptus - easily done if one is a florist, but I have yet to see any clinical data showing effectiveness.
You should go to the Doctors. This is like a scratched record, and people have started shouting at me now - when they start offering appointments at 6am I will.
You need a week in the sun - by far my favourite remedy, I would favour St.Barts over Tenerife
The most popular is a whisky - personally I haven't drunk whisky since that fateful summer in France. His name was Xavier

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Guilty as charged!