Girl flu

Unlike the Man variety, girl is flu is all very real. I have been in a fog of fever, delirium, aches and pains for the last few days, my apologises to anyone who has tried to engage me in conversation. Creatively I may also have been a little off, if you have something odd on your wreath, your advent tablecentre is in an unusual shade, or if you were the unlucky lady that I managed to convince turquoise disco glitter twigs were the only thing to have this Christmas - my apologises.


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P.
Man Flu, is a very serious condition and is not something to laughed about. It is not to be confused with the less serious Girl Flu !

If someone of the fairer sex was hit with man flu they would probably be hospitalised !! But fortunately, us guys are able to soldier on..

Hope your feeling better Soon
Skip the Gin and have a hot brandy instead !
Mr H.terfsk

KELLY said...

get well soon miss p!!!
i agree with adam...hot toddys all the way! x