Guided home by satellites

Yesterday, I received another fabulous present you will recall this one, and these. It is the power of navigation by satellite, rather like The power of Greyskull, except without the evil forces of Skeletor or the sword - watch the clip.
The Hound and I, are comforted to know that after all this time, we have been taking the right route home of an evening. We are now planning a long trip around the British Isles, just so we can listen to the silkened tones of Tim - the voice of the satellite.

Edit - The Hound - a whizz with technology accidentally pressed another option and has given us a whole host of new men to choose from. We are currently flirting with Antonio the man from Espanol, Jacques the man from Francais, and the divine Roberto from Italiano. O Mr Ferrari - we thank you.

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