Meanwhile......back in the shop

We now have some of Kelly's lovely pieces for sale in the shop, I have purchased some of these pretty magnets for my fridge.

Christmas pudding bowls filled with hyacinth

The Hound has been sitting about looking pretty, and for the florists among you - is there a better tulip than a Ronaldo? Do you prefer a Webber, or a Rococo, perhaps you can't live without a Silver dream, do you love Purple Prince more than ice cream?

Hot topics of conversation have been
The size of pigs ears - they seem to have shrunk, have they been GM'd?
Wondering what effects the FIA cost-cutting plans will have on Formula 1.
Discovering that Smarties now do big tubes of just pink ones.
Wearing gloves - as a florist is it worth the added warmth when you keep getting stems caught in your mittens, and do fingerless ones make you look like a tramp? Tramp as in "Lady and the", and not street walker.
Can I pull off a beret?
Song of the day has been Kings of Leon Use Somebody, are they better than TT?

1 comment:

KELLY said...

glad the bits and pieces made it safely to the shop! i am quite impressed with royal mail...next day at this busy time is quite a miracle!!

now on to the hot topics...
i'm working the trampy style in tweedy grey and loving it along with a slouchy beret (can't do the proper felt ones) if you can go for it!
kings are great but no one can beat mr barlow and the boys for me. i can't decided on a favourite TTer though to put on my banner next year for the concert! xx