Frolicking, photo shoots and the FT.

The Hound is fond of the snow, packed off with a piece of Kendal mint cake and a woolly scarf, he has frolicked in the field all morning.

Yesterday Mr Crush came to take lots of photographs. He is a real life professional, with fancy Nikon camera and an umbrella. Do you think Crush might just be the coolest surname in the world? We have another shoot happening next week for a gardening magazine.

I love the Financial Times, informative and it comes in pink.

Last night I had dinner out here, the place where everybody knows your name. I had the chicken everybody else had the Halibut. Good food, fabulous company and a glass of the good stuff - treats indeed.

We will endeavour to get into the shop tomorrow, hopefully lorries won't block Barnsdale Hill, and Rutland County Council will have found some grit.

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