Snowed in

We have awoken this morning to a lot of snow. The picture believe it or not, is of the truck, and my next door neighbours Aston Martin - neither of which are able to get off the driveway. Which means that for this morning at least the shop is Ferme.

The Hound and are are mounting an expedition Chez Mother Hen, as we have no food. All I could find in the freezer to feed him on was a chicken kiev from Marks and Sparks. On our return I will post of this weeks adventures, photo shoots, dinners out, and the odd flower.

Keep warm, curl up with your lover and watch Phil and Fern.x


Anonymous said...

I can report that there are two bulging freezers and three well stocked fridges (albeit one with wine and champagne), only one carton of Hound food in stock though as someone has raided the secret store on previous occasions! Tonights menu is roast duck with sour cherry sauce or Delia's meatballs.......the choice is yours

JLSC said...

I'm afraid I chickened out of braving the roads from Cambridge to Stamford. The calling of Phil & Fern, Loose Women & a glass of Sancerre was too much - its a snow day !!!!

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

You lucky thing, I'm so jealous we have had hardly any snow at all, and despite my best efforts I have been in work on time every day. !!

Sounds like you and the hound will be well catered for by the lovely Mother Hen. your very lucky to have her.

Yours Mr H.

Miss Pickering said...

The Hound says Merci beaucoup, he fancies the duck and will trot round later for an early supper.

Sounds like The Street of St. Paul was a quiet place to be today, Sancerre in the afternoon? You are so Cambridge.

Miss Pickering said...

My Dear Mr H

You are very welcome to the snow, the novelty has worn off here.
I am very lucky to have The Mother Hen, she is fabulous.

Yours in fishnets and wellington boots
Miss P

blue moss said...

that's an amazing amount of snow...we don't get much snow here in south carolina (maybe once a year) i don't miss it, but once in awhile it would be fun to go sledding or have a snowball fight