Hantied bouquets - to cut or not to cut the raffia?

I favour the handtied bouquet, you can cut the stems, place it in a vase safe in the knowledge you will not be ridiculed for your feeble attempts at flower arranging. Or if you like an arrange of an evening, simply cut the raffia and play away. Alternatively, if you happen to be the delectable Javier, arrange as a swag over the delicate shoulders of a female bust. O Bravo!

n.b. Should you be unfortunate enough to receive an aqua packed bouquet. Please my darlings, unravel those 3 metres of spotted cellophane, allow the water to spill out in the kitchen sink and over your Manolo's, cut the stems and place in a vase. Flowers cannot survive by cello and a cup of water alone.

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