Did you ever see anything prettier than a turquoise shoe?

Images from the new Spring Summer Toast catalogue. The last of the snow has finally melted, we were awoken by birdsong this morning, and the sun is nearly shining. A sharp rise in temperature, has brought out customers eager to embrace Spring, pots of locally grown tete a tete are being snapped up to sit on windowsills. The Hound has his watercolours out and is busy designing a summer scheme for the garden, eager to look the part he is sporting a beret, smock and a glass of Absinthe. My thoughts turn to shoes of turquoise.

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Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

I think the turquoise shoes would suit you a treat, I think you should rush out, without delay and purchase the said shoes. after all , I am reliably informed that a girl cannot have too many shoes !!!

Yours in a pair of hunter green Wellington's

Mr H.