How to arrange flowers

You will need

1 Bonne Maman jar
1 bunch of spring flowers

Cut flowers at a 45 degree angle, place in jar filled with lukewarm water and a bit of a steri tab. Sit back and enjoy, marvel at your talents, impress friends and revel in their compliments.


Joan -BORNAY- said...

i'm totally in agreement, good class! :)

Ali said...

That's my kind of flower arrangement!

Miss Pickering said...

The simpler the flowers the better. Life is complicated enough.

matthew naylor said...

Good call, Picklin'

Bonne Maman est le Queen of the Jams.

I trust that Robertsons have fallen out of your favour since Carol Thatchergate

Anonymous said...

A question from California - what is a steri tab? LOVE your blog - just found it yesterday and am totally captivated! Thank you! Jane