Is it because I is blonde?

The Hound and I have just spent 2 hours in Burghley Park frolicking in snow that is up to 2 foot deep. We spent the first 25 minutes reflecting on things, you know the usual life, love, squirrels. The last hour and 35 minutes were spent looking for the keys I had obviously dropped somewhere in the 10,000 acres that is the park.
After an hour of looking we hit upon the plan of a metal detector, but couldn't think of anyone we knew that one - mental note made to widen my circle of friends. Instead we kept looking and pondered the best way of telling Mr Ferrari we had lost the keys to The Navarra. Just as the tears set in, and the snow started to fall again, there they were.
It was nothing short of a miracle, suddenly the problems of this morning seem daft, and I am off to buy a lanyard for future snow walking - I think McLaren do a nice one.

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