A little bit of a big bonanza

A rather fabulous weekend has been rounded off by watching the BBC adaptation of The No.1 ladies detective agency. It is a delicious treat on a Sunday night, to sit with a glass of Sancerre, a piece of Cashel blue, a hunk of sourdough and the colours of Botswana.
Details of the fabulous weekend to follow.


Primrose Hill said...

Wasn't it just fab last night, sat and watched it in front of the fire, bliss for a Sunday night.
Thanks for the book details earlier.
L x

KELLY said...

i watched today on i-player. the colours! wonderful. and your post title came up at the end which made me smile...when do we get to hear about your little bit of a bb then?! x

Miss Pickering said...

You can't beat a BBC Drama. I think the I-player is a jolly good invention.