The sun is shining, the sap is rising and a bumble bee has just been for tea.

What a difference the sunshine makes, the streets of Stamford are filled with eager shoppers, chattering and filling their wicker baskets*with goodies from the farmers market. The air is filled with optimism, talk of summer weddings and the first bumble bee made his way into the shop. Drawn in by the heady scent of paperwhites and hyacinth, he has had a cup of Earl Grey and is sat discussing the staggering times set by the new Brawn BGP001 in Barcelona with The Hound. If you have never seen a bumble bee and a lurcher in conversation - I can tell you it is quite the sight.

Hats for Cheltenham

I have just sold one of my favourite pots of bulbs, thankfully to a very lovely regular customer who will treasure it's quirkiness, and fill it with our flowers throughout the year.

These local tulips open out like peonies

I have eaten a Caramac bar for my breakfast.

*wicker baskets are still de rigeur in these parts, there was a brief flirtation with modern nylon trolleys, but the bright colours and patterns clash terribly with tweed -don't you find?


Judy said...

...we had our first earth worm venture out from under the 8 feet of snow still here on the ground......hope fills my heart that it will all melt away quickly....and I know how hard it is to sell those favorite pots/containers so glad to hear it went to a good home.

Anonymous said...

The Captain and I think that the Cheltenham hat is stunning.....now that reminds me there is an May wedding to attend and perhaps a floral fascinator may be in order?

KELLY said...

bumble and hound...so sweet! and earl grey and caramac? yes please! x

Ali said...

My mother owned the exact same beef dripping pot! Happy (though possibly dangerous to the arteries) memories.

Miss Pickering said...

The beef dripping pot was such a favourite, I love anything food related and we currently have some good tea and coffee caddies in. Parting with some pots is impossible, and there is an evergrowing shelf of things that are for "display purposes only"!