Summertime, and the living is easy

1. and 2. Flowers Chez Miss P, 3. and 4. Rediscovering the delights of Whippet Grey, 5. and 6. Wicker basket by day, patent leather by night.
The Melbourne Grand Prix was certainly an interesting race that caused a lot of debate in our house. A rather magnificent start for Brawn GP, it would have been a great shame if all of last years resources Honda ploughed into the development of the 2009 car had gone to waste. Obviously all it needed was a nice Mercedes engine. What do we all think of KERS? Kubica was doing rather well without it, some needed it's boost, is the additional weight - which we have deduced is akin to having The Hound as a passenger, worth it? Needless to say Mr F thinks it should be abolished, and even had to admit that Mr Hamilton did rather well to start 2oth and finish 3rd. (One place up after Mr Trulli was penalised)
The shop reopens tomorrow - I am thinking Easter, twigs, flowering bulbs, the odd chocolate egg, and a game pie??

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gladys said...

I adore Whippet Grey's clay birds and would love to start a selection. Are you thinking of selling game pie in your shop?