Teal is the new taupe

Bringing the colours of Botswana to Rutland, 1.new teal mugs by Le Creuset 2. Dresser revamped with a little help from Dulux Velvet Touch 1 3. Interesting ingredients cooked by The Aristocrat 4. Feta, chorizo and pea tart by Mr Ferrari 5. The Hound has reached new levels of devilment.

The Mother Hen has been in hospital after an accident, but is thankfully on the mend, and will doubtless get better sooner if she rests as instructed!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear poor Mother Hen, best wishes to her for a speedy recovery. MrF's tart looks delicious and I love the colour of your dresser. The hound is as handsome as ever.

Anonymous said...

Does making vats of chilli, bolognese and cottage pies count as resting? Now off to recline in the conservatory with a cup of tea and some caramac supplied by a certain floral emporium owner and just forwarded to me from the marina (the scene of said accident). Moral of the story.....try not to hurl one's self into the fender locker on the boat's maiden voyage and......if you do, always listen and take orders from The Captain, ensuring that you arrive at hospital in a seemly timescale not some seven hours and several pints of blood loss later later!!!!!

Judy said...

...yeah, just totally inspired for teal as peacock...April 2009 Met Home "Flight of Fancy"....totally will translate to weddings this season...Oct. on ocean in Maine...judy

Miss Duddington said...

Dearest Miss Pickering

We have all missed you greatly this week.

Fondest regards.

Miss Duddington

Jane said...

5 out of the next 6 weddings have teal bridesmaids - the other is mushroom so still fits with your montage
Happy weekend

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P
I have never bee a fan of Taupe, so teal is a definite improvement. I love the new blog title image, Very nice set of pins !!
please convey my very best wishes for a speedy recovery to the mother hen after what seems like a shocking accident. !!... I take it the order was given by the captain to "Abandon Ship" ?
In my experience boats are an alarming form of transportation and not to be trusted !!!
The Feta, chorizo and pea tart looks like a triumph, is Mr Ferrari professionally trained ?

Yours Mr H.

KELLY said...

wow...new banner!! i am probably way behind but i love love love it! and your tealy delights too. poor mother hen. glad she is mending well...the medicinal effects of caramacs can never be underestimated ; )

enjoy your race number 1 at the weekend! hugs xxx