Flowers so loathsome they should be banned - part 1

Ladies and gentleman I give you the Aqua rose. A ghastly flat solid colour no tone or variation, and to make matters worse it has a long vase life. You might see one if you happen upon a supermarket flower stand, they love 'em. If you are reading this thinking
"Miss Pickering I totally disagree, I love them, I had a wedding bouquet made of them and beargrass"
I would reply.....never mind better luck with the next one.
Do you have a flower you just can't stand? Do you have nightmares about Solidago? Think alstro is best a la poubelle? Suggestions for part 2 being taken now.
Fear not my dear readers, tomorrow we will be back to photos of gardeny bouquets, vintage roses and The Hound. That is why you come here isn't it? Please tell me it is not just to see what Mr F has been cooking this week. TTFN


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss P,
I declined a wedding order for:
1. a bridal bouquet of aqua roses & kimsey germinis,
2. to be delivered on the last May bank holiday Monday,
3. with nothing else to go on the order.
Am I a bad person?

Please add kimsey germinis to your list...

Anonymous said...

What about liatris & limonium?

miss v said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog. And delighted to see you using "ttfn", you can't beat that post war slang.

Can I add Pinks to the list or are you now going to do something wonderful with them to make me change my mind?

Miss Pickering said...

Dearest Leen

You are a very good person, I will add kimsey germinis to the list, liatris is a very good one, commonly seen in naff restaurant bud vases,or in some "designer" oasis arrangement, perhaps with a "jazzy"coloured oasis cube, why o why?

Miss Pickering said...

Miss V
Bienvenue and all that, the jury is still out on pinks, the genuine English scented varieties are pretty, but as for the dreaded spray carnations.......

Mrs Jones said...

Carnations should be blacklisted, along with red roses and babies breath and anything that comes wrapped in printed cellophane with plastic ribbon - yuck!

Javier said...

Ladies...ladies....nothing wrong with red roses, or aqua roses! its just the way you use them!!!
You've made my day!