Running with the night, playing in the shadows.

Flowers that are not loathsome

Does the first song you hear in the morning set your music choices for the rest of the day? 3.a.m. this morning I heard (click on the image if you dare) Market trips must be accompanied by hits of the 80's, it is mandatory, they won't let you in unless you are toe-tapping, humming and wearing massive shoulder pads. On Friday's we all wear ra-ra skirts.

and then spent the rest of the day listening to this and this


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Yes I must agree, the first song of the morning does set the musical tone of the day, we had a Tina Turner kind of day, kicked off by "Proud Mary" first thing this morning.

I must dust down my 80s record collection and put it on tomorrow , Although I will skip the shoulder pads and ra-ra skirts,

May I nominate Gypsophillia into the loathsome flowers hall of fame ??? .. it too is so 80s but not in a good way,

Yours Mr H.

KELLY said...

i dared to click...ra-ra-ritchie! impossible not to toe-tap to and yes i have to put my hand up and say i saw the man in concert. and he rocked. x

Miss Pickering said...

My Dear Mr H

Tina Turner? That's a good one, this morning we are looking at Gloria Estefan's back catalogue....The Rhythm is going to get you.
Yesterday I popped across to M&S and saw a bouquet of aqua roses, dyed cars and gyp - i will endeavour to get a photo

Oye mi canto
Miss P

Miss Pickering said...


The Mother Hen and I also went to see him, I started out trying to be nonchalant, but was dancing on the ceiling by the end of the night.

Mrs Jones said...

You've got to love Lionel! The soundtrack to my childhood. Mr Jones has banned it from the wedding! x

Mother Hen said...

What a marvel nostalgia is! Now to keep the other Miss Pickering content you will have to post some Hall & Oates.
May I just say to the "Mrs Jones to be", it starts with censoring your music and who knows where it ends! Having met Mr Jones though, I am sure this momentary lapse will not cause you too many problems for the future