Flowers so loathsome they should be banned - part 2

The spray carnation - useful for? looks good with? I have no answers. Do you?

Also, today I was hoping to bring you a behind the scenes look at how we do a wedding. in real time like off of that 24 programme, but we are too busy so instead I will give you the highlights on Friday. Enjoy the sunshine, be grateful you are not here, The Hound is howling, and the queue at Costa coffee was so long we have had to have instant.


gladys said...

Instant coffee? No, no, no how could you cope - just "Keep Calm and Carry On"!

KELLY said...

run! that's was the first thought that came into my head upon seeing the photo in this post...they are scary flowers...definitely a contender for most loathsome. looking forward to miss pickering in split screen bauer stylee. busy lady...surely not instant??

Floralovely said...

Oh wow - I've only just come across your blog and this old post of yours has just made me one of your biggest fans! :) Spray carnations are only good for nursing homes!!!