Currently loving.........Sophie Dahl

Don't you just love a cliche? old gypsy caravan? - check, vintage apple crate?- check, odd shaped squashes?- check, wellington boots? - check

This book is bound to be a bestseller it has everything for the ultimate "lifestyle" book, recipes, glamorous "down to earth" model author, and I bet you there are some tips on keeping chickens, and growing lettuce on your balcony.

I will be first in the queue to purchase tomorrow

Also images via Daily Mail - Quelle Horreur.

Edit: Primrose Hill has just notified me that there is a video.....


Primrose Hill said...

Just had a wee look on Amazon, there's a video of her punting it! Looks good though.......do tell us what you think once you have purchased?
L x

Miss Pickering said...

Oh my gosh i have just watched said video how funny.

I still love her, mainly because i went through a phase of people mistaking me for her. This was mainly when we resided in the same part of London, and i wore a lot of very high heels, i suppose if you stand far away and squint..... I do sound like her though.
Hope it is sunny up there

KELLY said...

i thought of you when i saw the book reviewed a while back. you are our very own sd! wondering why haven't i been blessed with the same delightful accent? did we not go to the same school miss p? i must get back to stamford to see if i left it behind ; ) loving the wallpaper in the video (thank you primrose!) yes i am now intrigued enough to add it to my wishlist...i find that one can never have enough cook books to read in bed.

(she had me at paris mash!)

Mrs Jones said...

Oh my god - I was looking at just that book on Monday and thinking - God I wish my hair was like that! Didn't look at any of the recipes - just scowled at how jolly perfect she looks in the pics! Can't help but love her though.

matthew said...

My favourite quote from Ms Dahl's publicity circuit was from yesterday's Independent "..but as one gets older one does often get a bit thinner."

Hmmm (scratches chin and looks quizically yet forlornly at own paunch)

Anonymous said...

My word! We are one and the same....I too have a current girl crush on Ms Dahl. And I really don't need any more cookbooks....x

She-who-bakes-cakes-for-her-own-wedding. RB x

Rebecca said...

Hi, I found you through Primrose hill, and have enjoyed reading it. After reading this post, I went onto Amazon and ordered the Sophie Dahl book. Its gorgeous, and I can't wait to make something from it. So thank you for your recommendation!