Harrogate Flower show

The Other Miss Pickering and I took another one of our famous road trips, a rendez-vous with Monsieur Pickering and other members of the clan at the flower show.The bottom picture shows The Other Miss Pickering trying to find the car (can you see her? ) whilst uttering the immortal line,
"It all looks different when the car park is full"
Lesson learnt........ always remember to look at the big letter.

This family meeting meant that we missed the Bahrain Grand Prix, and my attempts to listen to it on Radio 5 were sabotaged by a sister who didn't want to know the result. The Hound also missed it as he has spent the weekend at a health farm, he has returned drinking white tea, and declaring his body a temple.


The Other Miss Pickering said...

I did no such thing! It is also worth noting that if I hadn't searched the length and breadth of that field...we might still be there!

P.S Have you worn your bracelet?

Mother Hen said...

Girls, you forgot the golden rule from many years ago at Burghley, always tie a balloon to the car in such situations (or indeed to the younger siblings wrist!!!!) Good job the Other Miss Pickering is so fit enabling her to run up and down so efficiently and speedily, I think she needs that for her job in Fashion!