Cooking for Mr Ferrari

The picture is of a few heads in a crystal bowl used to decorate my dining table, parrot tulips are just beautiful - also please note change of table linen.

Last night I cooked for Mr Ferrari. I am a competent cook, more Nigel than Heston comfort peasant food more than Nouvelle cuisine. Lately Mr F has pulled out all the stops, with his accomplished knife skills, deftness at filleting fish and shucking oysters, so it was time to up my game and make meatballs a la Miss P. They are divine as they are made with (vegetarians look away now) pork and veal, pancetta and parmesan. I forgot to photograph them, I was hoping to achieve a look of Smitten Kitchen, arty step by step photos and the recipe - damn.

This week we are preparing for a wedding up at The Big House This is possibly my favourite wedding venue, I know I shouldn't say that but to hell with it, at the risk of alienating all the others........ It could be because it was such a big part of my school life, meeting boys in the park, or having to run around the place during wretched cross country. Or it might be because the gardens are beautiful, and the staff are all lovely, either way if they licensed the old kitchen for weddings, even i might consider taking the plunge.

This post title is completely robbed from a book entitled Cooking for Mr Latte, a fabulous read with recipes. Don't you love that sort of book? Novels with added information. Anyway the book was purchased here either by myself or by The Man who wears a lot of Linen, either way it is now in my possession and the whys and wherefores of who bought it has nothing to do with this post. Also is this the most links ever in one post?

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