Introducing .............Mr Ferrari

You already know that he is a a wonderful cook, has a thing for food preparation equipment and that The Hound worships the ground he walks on. Did you also know that he is tres bon at DIY? Or that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that is weird and wonderful? Or that he knows a lot about growing roses? or that he is possibly the last person in the world to still be using teletext? Or that if you need help he will be there in a flash? Or that he is a snappy dresser? No? Well now you do, and even though he supports those wretched red cars, and puts the milk in first, The Hound and I think he is quite the thing, the bee's knees, the cat's pyjamas.

Tomorrow pictures of wedding flowers to drool over


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Pickering

Please ask Mr Ferrari to turn around.

Much obliged.

Miss Duddington

Miss Pickering said...

My dear Miss Duddington

Mr F is very shy. I snapped this whilst he was busy doing some DIY and his attentions focused on a hinge.

Hope you are well, I think an afternoon tea is required very soon.

Miss P