Out of order

We are experiencing a few technical problems.....mainly a lack of camera battery charger, so wedding images will follow in the week. Meanwhile with the last juice in the battery of the other camera I bring you a picture of my latest shoe purchase.A pair of red wedge shoes.
The Other Miss Pickering (who works in fashion) today announced that she detested wedges, she said it in French so it was obviously heartfelt. Perhaps I should return them?
The Hound and I made a rather monumental decision today, and have spent most of the afternoon getting our ducks in a row. It took a while, I had them all lined up nicely, but The Hound seemed insistent on chasing and nipping their tail feathers.
Thank you for all your comments lately, in particular the suggestions for most loathsome flowers, I have a real treat for you later in the week.

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