A simple supper

Is there anything better than fresh asparagus with lashings of butter? After a taking us for a deliciously rich dinner last night, The Aristocrat cooked us this simple feast. Perfect for eating on the sofa whilst watching Kirstie's Homemade Home. The programme has been slated, but I love Kirstie, for her range of interesting coats alone.

Also if you are in need of a giggle I urge you to click here.

Huge thanks to Julie for the asparagus, and I promise I will dig out a new tablecloth, are you as bored as me of seeing this one?

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KELLY said...

ahh...asparagus season is upon us i see! i normally realise as i drive to my folks in norfolk and come home with bundles for supper. and there isn't much better i agree. i also agree with a love of kirstie a' too...i missed last nights prog but saw last week. of course i wanted it to be so much more (that's not how she'd really have her kitchen? not those cushions?) but i like her weekly outfit fix too (umm shoes?!) xxx
p.s. i clicked and i giggled...merci beaucoup!