Vintage roses for a wedding

By now they should need no introduction, but here we have Roses of Amnesia, Hypnose, Diadeem, Mimi Eden, Pepita, Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche. Waiting patiently to be arranged in vintage pressed glass vases. Got to be better than reading the budget report.

n.b. My Darling Mr Salvador, I agree that red roses are beautiful, and depends on how you use them, I just don't happen to like them at Valentine's, however I challenge you to show me anything at all decent with an Aqua rose. A belated Happy Birthday to you - that new Facebook layout has me foxed so my apologises for missing it. xoxo

High waisted trouser report - 4 people have commented on my imaginary weight loss - they are a keeper.


Unknown said...

Of flowers bought at a supermarket (say, Waitrose, rather than Tesco's) which are the least offensive?

Joan -BORNAY- said...

Miss Pickering and her passion always for the vintage roses! :)) all of them are lovely, eden rose is so romantique...

Miss Pickering said...


I seem to recall that the flowers in say Waitrose rather than Tesco, were a strange hue of Flamingo pink.

Miss P

Javier Salvador said...

Dear Miss Pickering,
I will concoct something special just for your with aqua roses and sending it through to you!

Still follow your blog whilst trying to keep up with this silly SAP course!
hope you are well!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So excited to have found your blog - am getting married next June and have been looking for Vintage Rose Inspiration since we got engaged - and now I have found the perfect resource - love it!!