A whiter shade of pale

Some of the flowers from Ruth and Michael's wedding

Last night The Hound and I had supper out at The Norris of Tobie, because he likes to eat where everybody knows his name. We dined out with Wilf a fork lift truck driver - a man full of "interesting" facts did you know that Letchworth was the worlds first Garden city? No, neither did we, The Hound and I feel our lives have been enriched. We might start a new series....Wilf and his "interesting" fact of the week. I can feel a video element to this blog coming soon, The Hound much enlightened to the wonders of Stamford College is off to enrol on a BTEC in film making.

We also have it on record by a man that was actually an F1 engineer (can you imagine the delight) that Mr Dennis is indeed God, and that Mr Hamilton is the best driver en ce moment.

Today the shop is full of everybody's favourite........Vintage roses. Pictures to follow.

Also today I am experimenting with high waisted jeans, I will report back.


gladys said...

Yes I did know that Letchworth was the first garden city, cos I used to live in Knebworth not far from either Letchworth or Welyn Garden City.

Miss Pickering said...

What makes something a garden city? I am intrigued, a voyage to Letchworth on the cards soon

gladys said...

It's something to do with them being designed with green open spaces and trees.