Airing ones laundry in public

I know, I know a gratuitous shot of SJP in Paris carrying violets, but this is how I wanted to look today. I am wearing polka dots, and a necklace with the Eiffel tower, a seashore, and bambi on it. Eclectico (Due to seasonality I have opted for sweetpeas rather than violets.)

Unfortunately somewhere on Stamford Meadows I turned into Judy Finnegan, the middle aged television presenter, you remember that time her dress fell down and revealed her bra don't you?.....

This morning The Hound and I took a promenade on the meadows, after the incident I now carry my keys on a lanyard, normally around my wrist, but today I opted for around the neck - a more sporty look. As is common place on the meadows you bump into other dog walkers, and do the cursory chat about breeds, behaviour and how spoilt they all are - most pleasant. The Hound itching to snuffle for small furries decided it was time to go, and as I turned caught sight of my cleavage. Rather more than my cleavage, the weight of all the keys around my neck had popped open the buttons on my cardy, and I had been chatting away in my bra. My only saviour, unlike Judy in a matronly number, is todays bra is a black lacy number.

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