We're gift-wrapped kitty cats

We're only turning into tigers when we gotta fight back
Let's go, Eskimo
Out into the blue....

Did you ever think there would be a day when Girls Aloud lyrics would be on here?

We have been wrapping vases in gift wrap, works equally as well with ribbon and wallpaper.

One glass vase, countless options....simples.


KELLY said...

i never doubted that the moment would arrive! i find that there's always room for a girls aloud lyrical interlude in one's day.

and it's very fitting for those delightfully wrapped vases (swoon) i have a thing for fabric tubes over ikea storage jars...infact i have a chubby glass one dressed in red polka dot cotton today and filled with peonies from the field near my mum's house.

happy wednesday miss p! xxx
(see i got my old name back?!)

Judy said...

the paper is fab.......where did you get it? I am looking for papers in blue and purple for a dessert buffet display....August wedding.....

Miss Pickering said...

Fabric works equally well, do you stitch them up yourself? Lucky Mum living near a field of peonies.


Miss Pickering said...

Judy I will endeavour to email you with the details of the paper, it is such good quality thick giftwrap.