Currently loving......navy blue and bright pink

It is summer, navy is the new black. Buttonhole of garden rose, mint, acacia and that vintage ribbon.

The new hair is meeting with universal applause with the exception of The Grandmother who prefers it long, she would also probably prefer we all wore crinolines and did needlepoint and played the piano.

Today a lady came into the shop who asked to speak to Miss Pickering, I declared myself to be the very one. She looked bemused, and said i didn't look like the picture on the website, neither The Hound or I can decide if this was a compliment or not. Sometimes people are expecting an old lady or somebody from a Jane Austen novel, I am neither.

Also my name is not Sarah.


Anonymous said...

My Dear Miss P

I am mortified.

I confess to being the proud creator of a needlepoint cushion, lovingly stitched over a 5 year period. It is a Rooster. Kaffe Fassett no less.

I hold many Certificates for tinkling the ivories on the pianoforte. Indeed I was awarded a beautiful silver cup many decades ago for the highest mark ever awarded in the, wait for it, Scunthorpe Musical Festival.

Finally, I think by now you must surely know my name.

Miss Duddington

gladys said...

Love garden roses in buttonholes.

KELLY said...

i am currently loving...navy blue and cherry red...the occasional flashback to schooldays makes me think "no surely not?" but i can't help it!

your buttonhole is beautiful. as i'm sure your new do is too! looking forward to seeing you (and it) soon. xxx

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Miss Duddington

I think you are what my Grandmother would describe as a most accomplished lady.

I only hope you perform your needpoint in killer heels.

Yours in full acknowledgement
Miss P

Miss Pickering said...


Shall we wear our hats?

Christ me spede and all that


Mandi said...

Could the new hair style be why the lady didn't recognise you? Has Miss Pickering gone incognito? And (more importantly) will we recognise you????