Think Carmen Miranda

As over the top as you like, this is my brief for a 40th birthday party. Pineapples and bananas mandatory, see it's not all vintage roses.

Tonight is cocktail night, I am going "in the style of " SJP series 5, I have had 3 inches chopped off my hair and wired up a few peonies onto an aliceband. I will not be taking a child.

Make mine a Dirty martini

2 1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
olive brine to taste
olive for garnish


KELLY said...

your "in the style of" sounds a true delight...one of my favourite of fave sjp looks. and tuesday cocktail nights? sigh...it's tea and biscuits here. not nearly as glamorous. oh and i'm already in pyjamas...more miranda than carmen! xxx

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Do you take your Martini shaken or stirred ??

please post some pics of the 40th birthday

yours most definitely Shaken !!

Mr H

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect! Enjoy!

mmmm martinis

Miss Pickering said...

Ond dirty martini and a cosmopolitan for old times sake. The Hound spent most of the evening in deep contemplation sipping a single malt.I prefer stirred, less showy.

Unknown said...

Very interesting read! Although i have to say i am more of stirred martini man myself. Top mixologists will go with stirred. The flavour is more balanced and less bitter than the shaken.

Does shaking get it colder? Yes, a bit. You need to work a little more at stirring longer, with the right sized and amount of ice. Or even stirring it ina tin rather than glass. Ideally, you want it cold and diluted, but not too much of either that the flavours will be masked.

Great video here: http://www.beefeatergin.com/mixology/video.php?video=drymartini