Meat free Monday

By reading this blog, I discovered that there is a new campaign to be meat free for one day of the week. I can't help but think Monday isn't the best day, cold roast chicken sandwiches are the norm. Anyway we decided to give it a go, tonight roast veg with buffalo mozzarella.

I found the official Meat Free Monday website, and discovered it to be nothing more than a veiled marketing campaign for Linda McCartney's veggie sausages - I feel cheated.

In my teenage years I was have a vegetarian twice, The Mother Hen learnt to do wonders with bulgar wheat.

Also The Hound reminded me that we had eaten trout for breakfast. Does fish count in this sort of thing?

Hydrangeas in a rusty pail - contemporary chic xoxo

I have my photographers hat on this week, so expect posts with beaucoup of arty shots.

That's all.


Sarahjp said...

What is the greenery on the scrummy looking Monday meal? is it sage or mint?

Miss Pickering said...

It is sage, the garden is over run with it, what we can't eat we put in bouquets. It went well with the butternut squash. I think the next book might have to be 101 ways with broadleaf sage.