And the winner is.......

We used a very lovely vintage Bretby vase, and fancy purple ink. So ladies contact me on flowers (at) misspickering.com with addresses and the book or marmalade jar will wing it's way to you. Thank you to everyone that entered, for all your lovely comments, and birthday wishes. The Hound is still hungover, his party got a little out of hand, I fear it will be a long time before he can look at a bottle of Bourbon again without suffering a flashback......he didn't get her name but has assured me she was a quite a looker.

I thought I might also use this post to discuss the issue everybody is talking about. It was so pressing that one gentleman interrupted my quiet dinner last night to inform me....you know to whom I refer.

He may be a 7 seven times World Champion, although to have raced for that long, one might imagine he would be better acquainted with the rule book. My fear is not that he will come in and win, or even shunt a few drivers off the track in his attempts, but that he will be mediocre.
Think ahead to 2020.

"Do you remember that Michael Schumacher?"
"Didn't he drive in 2009 for a bit and score a point for Ferrari?"
"Yes, but before that he was 7 times World Champion"
"Was he? I just remember Valencia 2009 - awful drive, guy didn't know one end of the car from the other"

Sometimes heroes should stay in the history books....unless of course Mr Ecclestone offers your team boss an awful lot of money to produce headlines that will sell a few more tickets?
Mr F is in a state of euphoria at the return of his hero, helped in part by some post surgical analgesia.....it would be such a shame if the bubble was to burst.

Tomorrow I bring you napkins, and flowers, oh so many flowers.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! I am pea green - enjoy.

cherryblossom said...

OH no no no no no ...........I did not even enter even thou i adore your blog and read it daily as I wanted my bestest friend Kindergarten girl to win a prize!!!! BOO HOO xxxxxx

So so so love miss pickering...you rock.....but please send my friend a flower, she is very lovely!!!!!

Mrs B said...

Congratulations ladies - I also have had good news this morning. To avoid a wet tent in the lake district I have found myself staying with the in-laws....not a hundred miles from Miss P. Am currently en-route to spend the afternoon in Stamford. Are unannounced and underdressed visitors welcome Miss P?!!

Miss Pickering said...

All vistors welcome, but be warned the shop is a little chaotic and i am dressed "in the style of" Daisy Duke, t shirt, jeans and gold wedge shoes

Wellies and Vogue said...

sorry just found your blog and read this post with a big laugh..

How right you are about M Schumacher.. it's what was being said today during qualifying (Monaco)..

what a fool.. hey ho!