Flower napkin detail

Napkin details are very pretty, and are often something that bride likes to attempt herself. Here are a few top tips:
1. If you are having 150 guests, you will need to make up at least 150, you might think this will be a lovely job to do the night before your wedding with your bridesmaids, but trust me when I say it gets boring after number 27, or when you start counting them after you have made each one, willing another 10 to have magically appeared.
2. If you are using fresh flowers and they are out of water they will be dead by the time you get to sit down.
3. They will end up on the floor being trod on as soon as the starters have been served.
4. Where possible pay somebody else to do it for you.

Still want to have a go? Good, they do look beautiful. First you need to acquire some plastic phials to put the stems in, you can get these from a florist. They have a valve top to prevent the water spilling out. Fold the napkin to create a pocket which will hide the phial, finish with fancy ribbon if your heart desires. Remember eventually your guests will need to unwrap your creation, so leave a vase or a Bonne Maman jar on the top in which they can all be placed, adding extra decoration to your table.

Repeat as required with all kinds of different flowers depending on your mood.

Next week, ideas using things that aren't flowers.

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KELLY said...

such a lovely idea! as i'm not planning another wedding do anytime soon i shall have to bookmark your tutorial for some other fabulous event...i have fallen for those brambles so it may just have to be a little autumn tea party for!! Xx