A Giveaway - Celebration of post 351 and The Hound's Birthday

Would you like to win some flowers? Some flowers in an old marmalade jar? Well then this is your lucky day. It is to celebrate that this is post 351 (didn't quite work out for number 350) and that on Wednesday it will be 3 years since The Hound came to live Chez Miss P. It is also my small way of thanking you all for reading for all this time, and for all your lovely comments.

The giveaway is in two parts.
For those that reside in the UK, that marmalade jar filled with vintage roses, and homegrown herbs.
For international readers, the Flower Shop Secrets book, we will post it to you, and The Hound will even sign it if you like.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, and whether you would like to win flowers or the book. You might also like to put something interesting about yourself...... you don't have to, it will just make the comments page more exciting and we can all get to know one another a bit better.

The Hound and I will put all the names in a hat and choose a winner on Friday morning, so entries close at 5p.m. BST on Thursday 30th July.

Mother Hen - you are not allowed to enter.

This is the first giveaway we have done, my fear is that nobody will comment, that I will look like a fool, so be a darling, comment, tell your friends, put it on your blog....share the love xoxo

If you don't win, you can always just ring us on 01780 482961 and place an order for yourself, we deliver throughout the UK, and the flowers actually come from our shop, travel overnight and arrive the next morning....all very clever.


Hannah said...

I love reading your splendid blog and first discovered you in Country Living, another fine thing in life.


PS: I live in the UK, thank you.

Kindergarten Girl said...

Dera Miss Pickering.... I have been reading your bolgs for the last four months after my friend ' Cake Girl' introduced me!
Its been a treat, always such a talking point between friends!
Happy Birthday Hound...

Kind Regards
'Kindergarten Girl'
( I feel like Meg Ryan in you've got mail!!)

Mrs B said...

I am an avid follower but hardly ever comment as I fear I may not be witty enough to feature on such a splendid blog ... I promise to comment more from now on! Hooray for post 351, the hound's 3rd birthday, and a fabulous jar of flowers....Mrs B

The Other Miss Pickering said...

I presume that as the Mother Hen is banned that I, sister to Miss Pickering and Auntie to the Hound...am also exempt!

Miss Pickering said...

Yes dear sister you are also excluded, The Hound has headed into the garden to cut some sweetpeas for you....he hopes this will result in a large birthday present

Sarahjp said...

Dear Miss P and The Hound.

The Hound has to be the most photogenic dog, ever.. I presume he has constant offers for modeling contracts - but lets hope he turns them all down and stays loyal to his many Miss P blog fans. Its a wonder his feet stay on the ground (or maybe they don't...)

I love flowers, food, inspiring photos.. I have a fairly stressful job and seeing a new message come up on my PC is such a treat in a busy day. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Well Happy 351!!!! and 3 years to Mr Hound!

Oh how I would love to receive a parcel from Ms Pickering with flowers involved. Alas I fear they may wilt in the crossing but the book would be lovely please. ..Suz x

Unknown said...

Me please, me please, me please .... all pressie are lovely as far as I'm concerned.
PS does the Hound ever take a bad photo????

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hound and Happy 351. Your rather chic blog cheers up a country bound Cornish girl pining for the City life. Keep it going, love the flowers, I hope you don't mind but I copy them for my desktop, each day a new pic they always receive comments! In accordance with your rules I always give credit to your splendid site. xxx

Adam said...

To the flower girl
I'll take flowers.

To the hound
Eat all the other slips in the bowl and there's a roast chicken in it for you.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog
It's such a joy
Especially the stories about
Birthday Boy
Mother Hen
Mr Ferrari
Well wishers from Japan
And Malawi! (c'mon)
My dearest Miss P
You are simply the BEST
Faboulously talented
Stamford's own Mae West!

Warmest regards and much affection
Miss Duddington

Joan -BORNAY- said...

OOHHHH How exciting this post Miss. Pickering! Happy happy birthday Mister Hound!!!! 3 years with the sweet Miss.P and surrounded always with beautiful flowers! and happy birthday also for post 351!
I want your book signed by both! :)))) please, please jejeje

(Have I read that the Hound is cutting some sweetpeas for yoUr sister? dOES he also do the bouquets????


Violett said...

The hound looks dashing as always. Will there be a party in his honour?! Happy 351st blog! May there be many more adventures of Miss Pickering and the Hound to follow!
Flowers in a jam jar or a Sally Page Book to get lost in....either one would be heavenly!

Jane said...

Oooh yes please - flowers - no-one ever sends me flowers.
Does anyone ever end you flowers?
J x
happy birthday hound

f.sarah said...

to be honest this is my first visit.
this is a nice blog n giveaway! thank you.

i think the book would be ideal, as the flowers wont survive the long journey from there!


Riddler's Cottage Flowers said...

Love your blog and your hound. Flowers for me that would be nice.
A happy florist.

KELLY said...

happy birthday handsome hound! i wonder if he'll get extra spoiling on his big day? no doubt a special birthday menu has been created for such a special boy?? sending him a kiss.

p.s. this is a non-entry-to-the-amazing-giveaway-by-the-way...i feel i must make myself exempt too for all the loveliness that has already some my lucky way from your marvelous floral emporium : ) but the english girl in me can't see a long queue of comments and not join in! Xx

Julia said...

After Bircher Museli for breakfast, courtesy of the delightful Sopie Dahl, I have spent the day (Tues) on a stunning north Norfolk beach. Heaven!

Adore your blog


Gigibird said...

A Belated Birthday wish to Mr H.

I have just read how you found one another and I am so pleased you persevered with his need for freedom…..
I have a dysfunction hound but I know deep down we are meant for each other.

Schreinerin said...

This blog is an absolute inspiration - especially on dull days in the office - and I'm forever picking up wonderful tips and ideas, only to be bitterly disappointed with my own sorry efforts at flower arranging. But hey, we can always dream....and dream I frequently do while reading the latest installment from Miss P and the Hound!

I would LOVE to win a hand-tied bouquet, but living on the Continent unfortunately disqualifies me from that particular treat. The book looks fantastic, too, though!


Florist in the Forest said...

Happy birthday to the hound and of course to your blog, looking forward to the next 351!! Some beautiful flowers for a fellow florist would be a lovely treat, but would be just as thrilled with a book to go with my Sally Page collection!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only man leaving a little message?
Miss P, please send Mr Hound a big happy birthday hug....we should introduce Arturo (our pug/chihuahua) to him and they can do some running off together!
Your blog always makes me smile....always funny, witty and effortless!
Big kiss and hopefully im allowed to enter the flower giveaway even if im the only man to post a comment!

By Appointment Only Design

jm@juliemoss.co.uk said...

I thought I had sent you a little note this am as to how you brighten my working day, but I think I may have pressed the wrong button as the cat jumped on my knee, missed and hit the keyboard. I work alone from my workshop at home and in between Radio 4, the odd good film on channel 5 there is your blog with a lovely cup of tea - always cheering me up and spurring me on to be creative !
Thank you Simone and your gorgeous hound.
Kindest regards, Julie Moss

Anonymous said...

Your blog is FANTASTICO!!! And your hound is GUAPISIMO!

I am also the owner of "floral emporium" in Madrid and I have also been the proud owner of a hound (sadly, not anymore). I am half english and spend a few weeks a year in Kent... and just ADORE everything related to the "pretty British country life"! I am mad about gardening and vintage stuff, neither of which I can get a lot of in Madrid... snif, snif...

I have your book and your flowers would be lovely (I am sure), but I am not writting to enter the contest. I just couldn't help not writting after reading all this posts.

I enjoy your blog VERY much. You are such a good blogger... that it puts me off from even trying! I have to do it... but can't really find the time, energy or inspiration! How do you do it? Running our business is difficult enough, don't you think? Please Mis P... give me some advice!!!

A very grateful follower from Spain!


Judy said...

love your stuff.......happy bday to the hound....always love reading your adventures and being inspired by your florals...I live in the US.

Mrs Bean said...

What a fabulous blog! I only discovered you this morning! Your flowers are beautiful and as for the hound....GORGEOUS. I look forward to mooching through your blog for hours to come.
PS. the flowers would look beautiful in my kitchen...;)...xx

What makes you happy? said...

Hello Miss Pickering and The Hound. I would make me really happy to win some flowers in a marmalade jar. I also think it would make others happy too so I've just done a little post about your giveaway on my new blog.

Mrs Jones said...

Dearest Miss P and the lovely hound - who has the softest ears in the whole of Stamford and possibly the world.

I love the blog - it helps me while away hours of boredom when I can't make it into the shop for a chat and I'm sure a much disapproved of ruffle of the hound's blonde locks.

Mrs Jones to Be

PS - I don't expect to be entered into your prize draw, becuase I'm sure you'll be thoroughly bored of making flowers for me very shortly! xx

Tracey said...

I have been following your blog for a while now, beautiful vintage style flowers and F1, what's not to love! Happy Birthday to the hound too! (UK)

Karen said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, from another blogger I read, and I'm glad I did. Your blog is charming! So YES, sign me up for you internation blog, please!

Luxury Flowers said...

Fab blog! Thanks so much for sharing I am now officially hooked! :)