Hold the front page

On the day that I bring you twee, Joules have announced they are to open a shop in Stamford. How wonderfully this is all dovetailing. If you don't know Joules, they are like Boden but with more fleece. A Waitrose, Joules what could possibly be next? we are turning into Southwold, but without the sea.

I thought I should just provide a little explanation to new readers (imagine if you stumbled across the blog today, and weren't in our little gang of understanding- what would you think? )There a lot of you, I know not from where you come, but you are very welcome. This blog is predominantly about flowers but with extras. There are a lot of flower blogs out there, some are just too sickly, you know the ones, need to come with an inflight paper bag. Others are too factual, too many words, or play music - is there anything more irritating? some are just marvellous a perfect example of creativity and originality.

This isn't like any of those, it is a wry take on a life of flowers, self mocking of a fascination with Country Living magazine, and vintage teacups. Originally only read by supermarket flower designers and ex-lovers, yes you, I know you read it, you will need a sense of humour to read it, but do read, and do comment, it feeds my narcissism.

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