if in doubt cover it with chocolate fingers and put a bow on it

Today we are heading to a birthday party, I am in charge of the cake. I opted for a chocolate sponge, but it would appear I do not have 2 sandwich tins the same size. My knife skills are not great and the end result was a little "rustic". Enter 3 and a half packets of chocolate fingers, a lot of summer fruit and a big bow. I should probably stick to cupcakes.
Soundtrack to this baking extravaganza has been Rod Stewart Body Wishes, and I have been transported to childhood journeys to Richmond swimming baths, I can even smell the chlorine, and taste the hot chocolate sipped in the cafe.
Sing along

You're like rock and roll and champagne
all in one

Something you've got is something I need right now
Let's not mess around any more
I'm down on my bended knees honey

What am I gonna do I'm so in love with you
What am I gonna say if ever you go away
What am I gonna do I'm so in love with you
What am I gonna say if ever you go away
I believe Rod Stewart to be a pioneer of the music video.


KELLY said...

ooo i don't know which is more mouth-watering...rod's red leather or the chocolate masterpiece??? you worked some magic there miss p...i am very impressed with your cake skills! (if only i lived a bit closer you would be welcome to raid my tin collection whenever required.)

childhood swimming trip memories are so vivid for me too...although i can't quite pinpoint the soundtrack. we used to have hot milk and honey whilst waiting for tangly hair to dry with dad. x

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P.

The Cake ! .... WOW, ..... a triumph ... If it tastes half as good as it looks the birthday boy/girl is very lucky indeed, Is there no end to your talents ?
Martha should be worried !!

I am wondering what else you might cover with chocolate fingers and a bow ... !

Yours Mr H.

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful!