How to do something with an awkward shaped vase.

You know the type, thick cut glass that screams quality and looks beautiful filled with hyacinths or tulips in the spring. Come summer however, the flowers are taller, less uniform, and this type of vase sits in the back of the cupboard, or on the kitchen dresser filled with limes for margarita making purposes.

You could fill it with oasis foam and do something in it, but when hydrangeas are bountiful in florists and the garden who needs to be soaking foam? Simply cut the heads so that they sit on the rim. For a more finished look line the vase with leaves of aspidistra or even hydrangea. Don't forget to pop a bit of steri tab in, nobody likes murky water.

Coming up later in the week, interesting ways to decorate napkins using flowers and the like.


Unknown said...

Dear Miss Pickering
Can you cut the stems too short? Will this affect how long the flowers will last?

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Mrs Plummer

The flowers need to be in water, so if they are cut short just fill the vase right up. Hydrangea are very thirsty creatures, so check to see the stems are in water, particularly if you are hiding them with leaves. If they do start to droop, recut the stems, and they will perk up.

Miss P

Unknown said...

Dear Miss P
My Hydrangeas look lovely, thank you x