New things

I haven't decided whether to hang it in the kitchen or give it to a gentleman I know, Monsieur le Grump.

I am also experimenting with red lipstick, and have decided to stop using text as a method of communication. Instead I shall telephone, or perhaps even write a letter. I give it 2 days.


KELLY said...

i like a new things monday.

i've gone for new hair monday and embraced my inner mouse...but now none of my clothes look right?! maybe a write a letter wednesday is required in addition to get you past the 2 day mark? i may join you and start with a postcard. Xx

Miss Pickering said...

24 hours on, no text sent. Turns out red lipstick makes me look like a lady of the night, I shall stick to rose.

Sarah Rochelle said...

i did the red lipstick thing - it brings joy to my soul