Love-lies-bleeding, great flower but what the devil does the name mean? The man I love is wounded lying on the floor bleeding, or my love for you has bled away? Romantica
Please note change of table, gone is the yellow and blackboard top (well actually it is still lurking on the corner, I can't lift it to move it out) but we are now all about the wood.

Also I have enrolled on a fishing course and will once again be ordered to wear "sensible clothing" evidently in the world of fishing this also means a baseball cap - oh joy. I am just one step away from a velour tracksuit, did somebody say hoodie?...count me in.

Somebody asked me why I blog? Answers on a postcard please. Is it to send subliminal messages, the first letters of each sentence, backwards......in Russian?

Tomorrow I bring you twee in all it's glory, in the meantime

Put down that tuna mayo sandwich and get Jive Talkin'

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss P

Always, always, please keep on blogging.

Miss Duddington (long time no see)