Preparation for tomorrows post

The tweeness is coming tomorrow, it is just not going to happen today. In order to appreciate it fully I am issuing a dress code for tomorrow. It's a bit like Heston with his food, listen to waves crashing on an ipod whilst eating your sea inspired starter. If you are dressed head to toe in Boden the tweeness will reach new levels.

I shall wear a white cotton skirt with frills, a pair of Hunter wellingtons and a "vintage" tweed jacket, maybe with a panama. Gentlemen ( a high proportion of our readers are men) use the above picture of a guide. Mr Redford now married, hearts they are a breaking.
Try and avoid the look I have gone for today a pussy bow blouse which turns out to be sheer. secretary at Playboy in the 1970's was my inspiration. I have put a cardy on, fear not.

See you tomorrow,sorry no links, if you don't know what Boden or Hunter wellies are, should you really be reading this?

I am building this up too much, prepare for disappointment, just be on the safe side, I will use low levels on saturation, perhaps add a little film grain and fill with light.


KELLY said...

i'll be twee-d up and ready...i'm going to set my hair especially!

(p.s. lovely to see you today xx)

Miss Pickering said...

Nice to see you too, and to meet C. Bon weekend my lovely